Susan Danziger (Ziggeo) and Donna Hylton (STEAM Train) share their experiences at the MEWS

Wow, yesterday’s event at the MEWS was fantastic! Susan Danzinger, founder of Ziggeo and Donna Hylton, founder of STEAM Train shared their experiences as entrepreneurs.

Susan DanzingerBoth women’s stories captivated the group. Susan shared the story of how she was able to get Ziggeo coded by bartering her bedroom with a coder that wanted to spend some time in New York!

Donna HyltonDonna shared her deep passion for getting more woman and underrepresented populations into STEM and how she is actually doing it through STEAM Train’s programs.

The two speakers then answered a series of questions asked by the audience including “What are the most vital steps when planning a business?”. Donna responded by saying that, for her, surrounding herself with people that shared her passion and dream was key. Also, finding people that can actually help turn your dream into a reality.

MEWS Lunch & Learn
Susan shared some sage advice – secure your personal domain (You Name .com) as well as your personal Twitter handle was important. Then start building up your social network, finding people in your desired industry to connect with and learn from.

Other topics discussed included securing financing, marketing tactics and first year financial tracking.

The feedback, so far, has been great! Our next speakers will have a high bar to meet following these experienced and inspiring women!