Resources for Veteran-owned Businesses

If you are a veteran and own a business or are interested in starting a business, check out this list of business resources specifically for veterans.


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If you are looking to recruit veterans.

Combat2Career (C2C) provides dynamic technology products and consulting solutions for higher education programs and employers seeking to recruit and retain veterans. We also provide direct support and web-based tools to veterans transitioning to college and postgraduate careers.

C2C is a veteran-owned social enterprise founded to bridge the gap between military veterans and the higher education programs and employers that seek to recruit them, and to aid veterans in making successful transitions from combat, to college, to career.

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FAST Partnership Program

If you are a woman-, minority- or veteran-owned technology business looking for SBIR support services.

To maximize each business's potential, we tailor solutions that often combine our funds with resources from other financial leaders.

When you need additional funding to run your business, Connecticut Innovations (CI) can work with you and your bank to get you financed. We offer loans of up to $5 million for owner-occupied real estate, equipment purchases, working capital and more.

CI has a number of equity funds for when you're ready to take your technology idea or business to the next level. We are highly selective and have a stringent due diligence process, but if you meet our investment criteria, our team will recommend the fund that best fits your needs.

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Small Business Administration (SBA) Loan from CIC

If you are looking for a loan program to fund a project that is under $13 million, with better terms than a traditional loan. Also available for veterans.

CTCIC partners with a traditional lender (usually a bank) and will put together a financing package of up to 90 percent of the cost of the expenditure. The 10 percent borrower equity requirement is a full 10 to 20 percent lower than the equity required for a conventional loan.

Veterans are also able to access this fund through the VetLoan Advantage Program.


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Unemployed Armed Forces Member Subsidized Training

If you are interested in hiring a veteran you should look into this program.

The Unemployed Armed Forces Member Subsidized Training and Employment Program is designed to help former military personnel find new employment. The expanded armed forces program is similar to the Step Up wage subsidy program except that it is open to any company, regardless of size.

The six-month Wage Subsidy helps pay a new employee’s salary for the first six months of employment. It provides employers with up to $20 per hour, for a maximum of $12,000 over a 180-day period. Your local Veterans’ Step Up coordinator can assist you with guidelines and program details.

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