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Accelerate UConn (AU) helps faculty, postdoctoral researchers, graduate students and undergraduate students determine the commercial potential for new ideas, technology, and products and develop strategies for bringing their innovations to the marketplace.

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If you are a UConn student or faculty member interested in an accelerator at UConn.


Accelerate UConn is UConns National Science Foundation Innovation Corps (I-Corps) Site. Its mission is to catalyze the transition of new scientific discoveries and capabilities from the lab to the marketplace.

Participating teams will receive an introduction to the most critical elements of the I-Corps Curriculum and Lean Launchpad methodology. Over the course of 7 weeks, teams will learn how to determine the market opportunity for their product or technology.

Accelerate UConn is open to all university faculty and students.



Faculty members with unique research-based innovations can determine the commercialization potential of their innovations. Faculty are encouraged to enlist the help of a graduate student or a post-doc who can help advance the teams efforts by participating in workshops and training seminars, doing the work associated with identifying viable markets for new products and technology, and developing a strategy to bring them to market.


Students developing new ideas that are not linked to their graduate program or a faculty member's research are encouraged to come together as a group fo 2-3 individuals with complementary skill sets. They should consider enlisting the advice and counsel of a faculty member who has relevant technical or industry-based information. While this faculty member may not be expected to be involved in the day-to-day operations of the fledgling business, or participate fully in workshops or training activities, they might provide:

  • advice to fine-tune a student idea
  • existing technology to operationalize a concept
  • technical support for student-developed innovations or technology
  • credibility to student efforts


Problem Definition: Does the team have a clear and broad understanding of the problem their product or technology seeks to solve? Have they clearly articulated the market or societal need they are filling? Is there a clear pain-point that their product is addressing?

Strength of Team: Does the team include the diversity of expertise necessary to accomplish its goals? Has the team engaged a strong group of advisors and/or partners? Does the team make a convincing presentation of the need for their product, and their dedication to the process of creating a new venture?

Technical Feasibility: Does the product or technology have the capability to produce the desired outcome or benefit? Is it technologically feasible? Can it be produced on a scale that will meet demand and solve the problem intended?

Innovation and Novelty. Does the product demonstrate the potential to significantly improve a process or system? Is the product or technology fundamentally different from existing solutions?

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