The MEWS Leads Group

Interested in growing your professional network in order to generate leads and increase sales? Well, the MEWS Leads Group might be for you.

Networking Group

Currently there is one leads group meeting at the MEWS, although we’re looking to add a second!

The group meets every Tuesday morning from 7:30 to 8:30. Similar to a BNI, the group consists of one person from each field (lawyer, web designer, real estate, etc.).

The Tuesday morning group is currently looking for Retail managers, Restaurants/catering, Health and Beauty Products, Food and Beverage Products, Accounting/bookkeeping, Business coaching/advisor, Printers, Graphic Design

If you’re interested in visiting the group contact Tim Laubacher at 860-305-5690 or

Current Leads Group Members

Kirk Hagert

Regional Manager, Allied Mortgage Group. 860-966-6056.

Allied is a full service mortgage provider with industry leading satisfaction ratings and low rates and fees. A full service, regional operations center in Middletown assures a great, local experience.

Tim Laubacher

Owner, Sound Web Solutions 860-305-5690

Sound Web provides consulting, web & mobile development and staffing services for entrepreneurs, tech startups and forward-thinking organizations.