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31st 2020

I'm a Business Owner - Can I Ever Retire?

Presented by Ann Pellegrini, Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor

In a survey conducted a few years ago, more than a third of small business owners surveyed said they didn't want to retire, a quarter said they don't plan to retire, more than a third said they plan to divide their retirement time between work and leisure, and more than half said they would find it hard to completely retire.

Regardless of how you envision retirement, as a small business owner, you are completely responsible for your own retirement planning. If you have employees, you may feel responsible for helping them plan for a successful retirement.

In this upcoming free lunch and learn, Ann Pellegrini, Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor with Edward Jones, will lead an interactive discussion on:

  • the retirement plans available for small businesses
  • considerations needed when you have employees
  • the 10 rules every business owner should know to move toward his or her long-term financial goals.

Ann Pellegrini, CRPC® is a Financial Advisor with Edward Jones, specializing in financial strategies, business retirement plans, insurance and estate considerations. Ann and her husband Tom Houpert are Killingworth residents and long time active members of the Middlesex Chamber of Commerce.

Ann Pellegrini



9th 2020

Risk Management for Small Businesses

Presented by Jon Walden and Jason Garrapy

Risk management: noun; to increase the probability and impact of positive events and decrease the probability and impact of negative events.

Risk is an inherent part of being in business. Trying to completely eliminate risk from your business is unrealistic and can be prohibitively expensive or cause you be so risk-averse that your business never grows, so the challenge for start-up and small business owners is to identify which risks post a threat to successful operations while finding the proper balance between peace of mind and profitability.

Attend this free workshop where we will:

  • Identify the common internal and external risks associated with start-up and small business;
  • Identify situations which may cause risk for a small business; and
  • Identify the most common cybersecurity risks, prevention actions, and recovery solutions.

Jon Walden is a Certified Personal Risk Insurance Advisor and licensed Independent Insurance Agent with ACBI Insurance in Connecticut. Jon analyzes and develops innovative and strategic risk management plans for businesses, government agencies, C-Suite executives, and high-worth families and individuals. Jon is a consistent contributor to industry periodicals, digital media and educational communications. Jon works with middle-market and start-up businesses to help create a successful management plan that is measurable and can grow with a company. In addition, he helps high net worth families and individuals create risk management plans to protect their personal assets. With a connected national network of local industry and personal specialists, Jon further defines your path toward success here and abroad.

Jason Garrapy is the Business Development Manager for Endecom Business IT Solutions, and he is passionate about finding ways to leverage technology to create working solutions for business owners. In doing so he helps them achieve success and builds business relationships that last. Before Endecom Jason has worked in the environmental, telecommunications, and retail fields as a customer service advocate and problem solver. Endecom Business IT Solutions has been helping small and medium-sized businesses in the New England area with their IT needs for over 15 years. Endecom specializes in a number of IT services including cybersecurity protection, risk prevention, and recovery. We provide ongoing IT support and offer help with special projects as well.




Past Lunch & Learns


25th 2019

Onboarding - Tips for Hiring Your First Employees

Presented by Sheila McKinley-Bell and Jules West

When and how to hire your first employees can be one of the biggest challenges for early-stage companies. In this MEWS+ Lunch & Learn you will learn from two experienced Human Resource professionals about their tips for successfully hiring your first employees and making the process a smooth and successful one.

The Bolder Company




Present with Presence - Tune Up your Pitch

You have about 5 seconds to make an impression and five minutes to share your pitch with would-be investors or judges. Join The Bolder Company for this one-hour, fast-paced dive into presenting with presence. Deliver your pitch with confidence as you learn some public speaking "hacks" that help to calm your nerves, focus your energy, and deliver a pitch that lands well with your audience.

The Bolder Company




Business Organization Overview

On April 25th the MEWS welcomes attorney Ted Whittemore to go over the various types of business formations. Ted will cover sole proprietorships, LLCs, S-Corps, C-Corps and more. Not sure which type is right for you? Then this Lunch & Learn is for you.

Ted Whittemore - Murtha Cullina




How to turn your idea for an app into a reality

On March 28th our entrepreneur-in-residence, Tim Laubacher, will be talking about practical steps for turning an idea for an app into reality. Tim will cover how to validate your idea in the market before spending a lot of money, how to ask the right questions when searching for and hiring a developer and more.

Tim Laubacher - Sound Web




Crowdfunding: The New Way to Fund, Turbocharge & Attract Attention to Your Business

We're excited to have Anthony Price, founder of LootScout, coming to speak at out March 14th Lunch & Learn event. Anthony's topic: Crowdfunding: The New Way to Fund, Turbocharge & Attract Attention to Your Business. Anthony Price is the founder and CEO of LootScout, which counsels small businesses how to build a better business and source capital. LootScout is a platform for business to access capital, information and must-have services to build the best businesses on the planet.

Anthony Price - Loot Scout



Immigration Issues 101 for startups and small businesses

The MEWS welcomes attorney Dana Bucin at February 27th's Lunch & Learn. Dana will discuss how to tap international talent, especially in the high-tech fields; how to attract foreign investments in your venture; how to assist international students and graduates in navigating the work visa and green card system; and how to retain foreign talent locally.

Dana Bucin - Murtha Cullina



Susan Danziger (Ziggeo) and Donna Hylton (STEAM Train) share their experiences at the MEWS

Both women's stories captivated the group. Susan shared the story of how she was able to get Ziggeo coded by bartering her bedroom with a coder that wanted to spend some time in New York! Donna shared her deep passion for getting more woman and underrepresented populations into STEM and how she is actually doing it through STEAM Train's programs. The two speakers then answered a series of questions asked by the audience including "What are the most vital steps when planning a business?". Donna responded by saying that, for her, surrounding herself with people that shared her passion and dream was key. Also, finding people that can actually help turn your dream into a reality.

Susan Danzinger and Donna Hylton



Escort Girl